About Requal 

Requal was established in 1992 as a Quality Management Systems consultancy specialising in the development, implementation and maintenance of management systems.

For organisations seeking business and process improvements impacting effectiveness and efficiency, Requal undertakes the review, assessment, design and development, implementation and maintenance of their management systems.

Requal aims to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and performance of businesses using management, production and planning techniques based on local and international standards.


Our Mission

We believe the key to success is embracing the aim to achieve the highest standards of efficiency. The relationship between outputs and inputs is key to achieving such high standards.

Increasing efficiency is a matter of achieving the same outputs with fewer resources or more outputs from the same amount of resources. Efficiency achieved in one part of the business loses all its impact if another part of the business is inefficient. It is possible that the inefficiency of one department could erode the achievements of other departments and deprive shareholders of the expected dividends.

The greatest dividends are achieved through the identification of those areas of the business that are not up to scratch. Rectification of those shortfalls in performance, combined with a keen eye on those areas of the business that are performing to expectations, deliver results which improve the bottom line. 

Of course not all factors that impact performance are within the control of the business’ owners and managers. However, identification of those factors and an allowance for their impact will arm the business to be well positioned to respond to these external factors, as and when necessary. 

Without a clear understanding of these factors, adverse market conditions can bring a business to the brink with limited time and resources to respond – be prepared. 

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Working with Corporates across many Industries

With more than 25 years consulting experience across a diverse range of businesses and industries, Requal recognises that tailored solutions are required to meet the different needs and preferred outcomes that are specific to your business or industry. There are no “one size fits all” solutions that will meet your expectations now or in the future.

To ensure that ISO certification and compliance are hassle free, simple and cost effective, Requal works with your existing business resources and our tailored solutions to implement systems with minimal interruption to your day-to-day business operations, only adding what is needed for certification or compliance and maximising the return on investment.

Working with Government and Defence 

Requal has long held government and defence contracts providing online applications development support and maintenance, management systems auditing and assessment as well as full systems development and process engineering consultancy services to numerous business units.

“The service is excellent and the personnel we work with are great. The system development and certification process was made easy, and took into considerations our business needs and commitment incorporated within the agreed budget and in a reasonable timeframe. The implementation and maintenance of the management system is made so simple using QNOC. We are set for a good partnership.”

We are proud to service the following clients:

ADC Computer Cables & Components Australian White Cypress Sawmillers Coop
Ajax Powder Coating Pty. Ltd. Chroma Graphics
ASIA Online Australia New Zealand Circle C Transformers Pty Ltd
AVICO Electronics Pty. Ltd. Cols Body Shop Pty. Ltd.
Brentwood Trailers Compass Business Solutions Pty Ltd
C&G Systems Pty. Ltd DENISON Hydraulics Australia Pty. Ltd.
C&G Technologies Pty. Ltd ELF Electronics Pty. Ltd.
Dynamic Press Pty Ltd Fairfield City Council
KAS Australia Pty. Ltd. Forster Smash Repairs
Kevin R. Sheather (Northern) Pty. Ltd. Guardian Safety
Kevin R. Sheather (Queensland) Pty. Ltd. Health Support Services “ NSW Health
Kevin R. Sheather (Victoria) Pty. Ltd. Hi-Tech Concrete
Kevin R. Sheather Services Pty. Ltd. Konstruct Group Pty. Ltd.
Minet Risk Services Pty. Ltd. Metal Salvage Industries Pty. Ltd.
NSW Fire Brigades - BA/HAZMAT Metalcorp Recyclers Pty. Ltd.
NSW Fire Brigades BATC Monarc Steel Constructions Pty. Ltd
NSW Fire Brigades FireCom MORSE Corporations Pty. Ltd.
Philips Business Electronics Limited Obevalves Australia Pty. Ltd.
Philips Competence Center for Traffic Parklands Trading Company Pty. Ltd.
Philips Manufacturing Center Pisani Bros. Smash Repairs Pty. Ltd.
Philips Projects and Traffic Systems Proweld Engineering Pty. Ltd.
Philips Public Telecommunications Quality Assurance Services Pty. Ltd.
Picken Body Works Samcon Engineering Pty. Ltd.
PJ Smash Repairs SMART Distribution Pty. Ltd
SJA Constructions Pty Ltd The John R. Turk & Sons Group
South West Plumbing Services Pty. Ltd. Thermit Australia Pty. Ltd.
Visy Board Recycling Pty. Ltd. Tyco Water - Customer Service Centres
600 Machine Tools ATM Clean
Australian Protection Security Pty Ltd Australian Plastic Profilers Pty Ltd
Briggs & Stratton Communications Design Management Pty Ltd
Colt Tolfab Australia Pty Ltd Clean Detergents Pty Ltd
Defence – Explosive Ordnance Division Defence - Material Organisation Institute
Defence – Joint Fuels & Lubricants Agency Defence – Guided Weapons Branch
Nexon Asia Pacific Pty Ltd GEON Group
Plantweave Technologies Pty Ltd Objective Corporation Ltd
Trinogy Systems Pty Ltd Statewide Civil Pty Ltd
University of Western Sydney

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